Monday, July 10, 2017

"Things That Aren't Here Anymore"

To paraphrase Ralph Story's classic PBS television series.

1060 West San Bernardino Road (corner of North Rimsdale Avenue).
Opened in 1956.  Closed by Brunswick March 12, 2017.

546 North Rimsdale Avenue.  Closed March 2017.

Former K-Mart, 1162 North Citrus Avenue.
Townhomes to open in early 2018.
Being developed by Meritagehomes.

205 North Grand Avenue.  Closed in 2015.

Still empty in 2017, but . . .

. . . the street signs have not been changed in two years.

Albertsons, 1000 North Azusa.  Closed in December 2012.
Before it closed, it looked like this.

La Tazza Cafe at 116 East School Street was torn down to build town houses.

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